Injection and Compression Molding

In the domain of thermoplastic and duroplast injection molding Kolektor has developed strong competences, above all at:

  • Injection molding of plastic products (also with plastic inserts)
  • Over-molding of products in combination of various mechanical materials (contacts, magnets, etc.)
  • Over-molding of materials with duroplasts on spots, demanding protection due to the exterior impacts
Our products are given the required precision and quality by means of mechanical capacities and the possibility of vertical and horizontal method of injection and by the capability of process management (also the 2-stage process).

Characteristics of competences

The basic characteristics of competences are:

  • Installed injection machines with the compacting force in the range of --- to ---- tons
  • Injection of various thermoplastics (PBT, PPS, PA,...) and duroplasts
  • Supporting solutions by means of elaboration of various analyses, as mold-flow analysis
  • Integrated injection devices in the automated line process or the self-standing, independent devices
  • In-house production of tools, enabling more rapid and more quality adjustments within the production process, and shortening, to the exceptional extend, the reaction supporting times
  • Development of injection competences in various global locations, where the production of the concern Kolektor is present