Contact Units

The contact units present one of the key product groups within the program of Hybrid components.

It combines various products, which belong to the contact units and are employed in various applications.

Technologies for the manufacture of contact units are:

  •  Injection molding - use of thermoplastic casings (PPS, PA, PBT,... )
  • Manufacture of contact connections, uniting processes of stamping and forging of contacts, bending and forming of contacts according to the client's specifications (wire contacts, contact, made of band, etc.), and sheathing
  • Conditioning or assurance of adequate characteristics of casings from the point of view of the required humidity content
  • Welding (resistance welding, laser welding)
  • Sealing according to client's requirements and specifications
  • Other required technologies (regarding the development of technologies we follow the clients' requirements)

Some examples of contact units:

Key customer requirements

Standard requirements, provided for clients, are:

  • Manufacture of products according to the specification of a client within the agreed tolerances
  • Concept design and installation of the automated production process, adjusted to the product's requirements
  • Preparation of adequate measurements and studies for the assurance of feasibility of product manufacture and process

Some applications in which the contact units are used:

  • Alternators
  • EPS motors 
  • HVAC