Hybrid assemblies

The hybrid parts present the most complex products for the car industry, combining, various technologies, materials, and appearing in the form of individual units/modules, or as the components of a wider assembly or application.

Key customer requirements

In the domain of the hybrid parts we have been specialized for the development of innovative solutions in the field of:

  • Mechanical stability of components at higher temperatures and pressures,
  • Higher resistances when exposed to exterior aggressive impacts;
  • Automation of production processes for the assurance of high quality and reliability of deliveries;

Example of a hybrid part

Inductor module
Passive component in the »quick charging« system for EV

Key client's requirements

  • The product's characteristics are subjected to the severe spatial limitations and to the limitations regarding the total weight, impacting the product's structure
  • Precise positioning of connectors
  • Requirements for the average operation temperature