In the domain of sensorics Kolektor provides solutions, including the combination of various materials, above all duroplastics and thermoplastics, magnets and electronics.

Due to their specific properties and the unique development of over-molding process, duraplasts can be worked under special conditions, providing greater applicability of product, stable technical characteristics, wider range of the applicability of components and the possibility of employment of components in numerous applications in car industry, adjusted to standards in force in this branch of industry.

The advantage of the innovation of the over-molding process, called »Media-proof Solution«, is a low process temperature, enabling injection molding to the electronic components at only slightly increased temperature.

Kolektor has successfully implemented the innovation of injection on these products:

  • Sensor for positioning of camshaft 
  • Actuator of coupling mechanism 

The applicability of this solution is being developed also in the field of:

  • Pressure sensors for injection motors
  • Exhaust sensors
  • Electronic control units (ECU)
  • On the components for the car industry systems, especially those, which require a special mechanical working due to the exposure to different media or environment.

Suitable for use in aggressive substances :

  • Mechanical stability at extreme temperatures (-40°C to +200°C) and high pressure
  • Leak tightness according to automotive standards
  • Suitable for permanent temperatures >150°C
  • Suitable for exact designs with low wall thickness (minimum requirement only 0,35 mm)
  • Low processing temperature, so that the electronic components are only heated slightly.
  • Smooth surface and tight sealing without holes or bubblesLong lifetime

The applications, containing the successfully implemented Media-proof solution, are:

  • Vehicle's motor (system on the camshaft)
  • Coupling mechanism

Applications, for which the components with the Media-proof solution are being developed:

  • Fuel injection systems 
  • Exhaust systems
  • Other applications