Thermoset products

Based on experiences in the domain of injection molding with thermoset at the commutator program, Kolektor developed a palette of alternative thermoset injection molded products.

The injection molding competences comprise the following duroplasts:

  • phenol-formaldehyde (PF)
  • melamine- formaldehyde (MF)
  • epoxy (EP)
  • polyester resins (UP)

The reference products are divided into the following groups:

  • piston rods
  • starter covers
  • brush holders
  • belt pulleys
  • shut-off plugs


  • optimal constancy of dimensional characteristics of products when exposed to temperature and mechanical loads;
  • good resistance to compounds present in alternative fuels, such as unleaded gasoline, ethanol and methanol;
  • products in tight tolerance ranges without subsequent mechanical treatments;
  • high thermal resistance.

  • starter motors
  • coupling systems and mechanisms
  • other non-vehicle applications (hand tools, drives for washing machines, etc.)