Complete project solutions

As a reliable partner, Kolektor provides integrated project solutions.

Product development:

  • Project management on the development phase principle (conceptualization or pre-development, product development, prototype manufacture and sampling, development of large-scale product)
  • Optimization of design by means of various analyses (FEM, FLOW, temperature analysis)
  • Optimum selection of materials and protection in view of the required operation parameters and environmental impacts

Process development:

  • Planning of production process in view of the type of product and the importance of project
  • Construction and manufacture of the automated production lines
  • Technical support for the production
  • Specialization in the domain of some inter-connected solutions (domain of mechanical sight, etc.)

Development of tools:

  • Design of tools by means of the most advanced software support
  • Manufacture of tools according to the tool's specification (injection tools, stamping tools, tools for bending and forming, etc.)
  • Testing and reconstruction of tools


  • In various media
  • At various temperature loads